Information for Accredited Chambers of Commerce

ChamberCustomsĀ® is a new business that its start-up phase in October 2018, as announced at the British Chambers of Commerce International Trade Summit. A phased roll out is being deployed through selected Chambers. By 29th March 2019 we will offer this service across the UK with a team of people trained and practiced in delivering customs brokerage for UK traders.

ChamberCustoms will file customs declarations on behalf of importers and exporters across the UK. Following Brexit, it has been estimated that the number of customs declarations could surge from 55m to as much as 255m, with many UK businesses never having had to complete declarations before.

The UK Chamber Network already offers high quality export documentation and facilitates trade across the globe for over 30,000 UK traders. We are now extending that support by introducing a customs brokerage service.

Chamber trade staff across the country are receiving high quality and comprehensive training from the market leader in the sector. The training will provide Chambers with a comprehensive knowledge of how to file customs declarations with the relevant authorities, regardless of the changes being implemented by HMRC as they move from CHIEF to CDS.